Friday, May 13, 2011

Odds & Ends

It always amazes me how quickly the cows adapt to their living situation.

Darwin would be proud.

Rather than walk all the way across the barn yard to the water tub, Gracie has been drinking the fresh rain water collected in the remains of the hoop barn canvas roof.

Every morning there is a frost or some other condensation and it always goes into Gracie's private drinking font.

No crowds, no lines, no waiting.

Mavis, enjoys jumping up on the big rolls of hay and enjoying the sunshine while I do chores.

She also enjoys the back of the new farm truck as long as her elephant friend can come with her.

All the mothers and sons are enjoying the sunshine.

Guy and Gracie

Rally and Faith

60 degrees today and time to start digging up the garden.


  1. Hi Janis what a smart Cow! Lol Cheri

  2. It seemed like such a long time since your last post. I was hoping all was well with all the rain and flooding. Spring is here and summer is coming...a time for birth (you've had that), rebirth and growth. I wish you well this year.

  3. Don't you just love cows? i love how the dog brings his babies. Just like my kids! Ha