Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Deconstructing A Bad Memory

The hoop barn that collapsed February 6th and ended the life of the calf known as Tiny Tim, is being taken apart.    It was a horrible loss.

If you are an emotional kind of person, do not click on the links above or you will just be a weeping rag the rest of the night.      I am.

The process of taking this big barn apart, piece by piece, has begun.

The farmer and his son are again working together to take the bulk of this hoop barn apart, just like they did for the barn that burned to the ground December 16th.

A special saw that came in a special suitcase is cutting all the hoop barn roof pipes when it is not pouring rain out.

This task has to be carefully orchestrated as the tension on the back wall is very dangerous.

They labor as a team this father and son.    Now a very experienced team, because of a horribly cruel winter.

It is a quiet task. 

There is silence as they move quietly and carefully around broken boards, bent metal and heavy torn canvas.

There are no plans to replace this barn.

Dismantleing it is a time consuming task.

I will continue to post photos of the progress of this project right here.


All the pipes have been sawed down, the wood from the back wall has been removed and now only the frame of the hoop barn remains.



  1. I hope a clean slate will cleanse a saddened soul.

  2. I have been so sick for this poor family ever since the barn burned down and all of the stuff that burned with it and then the barn collapse. I hope that some how some way some good can come out of this. I have prayed for you and this family. My heart goes out to you all.

  3. A sad thing , and sad to watch but maybe the bare ground beneath will bring some closure

  4. You know alot of people are using those now for the cost factor. Is that a draw back to using a canvas structure? I wondered if they would buckle like that. I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost a bottle baby in the fall and I cried terribly. I hate loosing any of my critters.