Monday, May 23, 2011

Pantless Scarecrow

After checking on the cows and calves this morning, I headed to the garden.

The skys were black, the wind was cold and it was going to rain soon, but I needed to continue getting seeds into the ground.

Today I planned on digging in two 6 foot cedar posts just for the extremely rare pole beans from our 97 year old retired village doctor.

I am only half way done the garden.  It was too windy today to try to plant tiny seeds like radish and lettuce, so my goal today was to get the larger seeds into the soft earth.

I have made a good map of the stuff I have planted already.

I opened the bean pod and these very pretty seeds were asking me to plant them!

I just love these beans.

I have done my best to disperse some of these seeds to people who will actually plant them and continue to save these rare heritage seeds AND pass them around to other folks to plant as well.

I also made a bright red scarecrow, right on one of the bean poles, to deter any critter who might dig up or disturb the seeds.

It was so windy that the scarecrow was spinning around and smacking me in the face as I tried to secure it to the pole!

I added a few pieces of my dads survey tape to make it flap loudly in the wind.

In the near future I will dress it up some more, (Pants!) and add bells and stinky purfume as well.  Hopefully, this will protect the garden until I put my fishing line fence up.

Do you have a scarecrow in your garden or any other deterrant ?

Tell us what you have done to ward off the big veggie eaters.


  1. No Scarecrow. We do put up an Owl decoy. Don't know that it really does much good, but we like the way it looks in the garden. Hopefully yours will do the trick.

  2. I used little bags of the tag ends of soap to deter deer the one time they came into the fenced garden. Though we have lots here, they never bothered it again.

    The fence deters the rest of the larger 4 footeds, except raccoons. I just gave up growing corn because of them. The fence is dug into the ground, so that deterred the diggers.

    Mice and voles are one thing I've still got problems with.

    I never had a problem with aerial visitors. This may be because I've always used deep hay mulch.

    For insect pests, I use row cover and/or diatomaceous earth. I also use marigolds and nasturtiums for pest control.