Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Pups

Every day I am getting a bumper crop of pumpkins and squash.

The squash vines have made a long path through tall grass and over the little stream.

The colors in the garden are just fabulous.    Every vegetable contributing their own unique color to the food rainbow.

Mavis likes to lay down where ever I start stacking the garden harvest for the day.

Lots of swiss chard, green and yellow sweet peppers, red hot peppers and carrots are still producing well.

The trees in the neighborhood are also starting to "fire up" as well.

The herd continues to enjoy the bounties from the garden and from friend's apple trees.

Happy Cows eat Vermont garden snacks.

~ Life is Good


  1. At least with your cows nothing goes to waste. Fall colors are so beautiful.

  2. Have missed reading your blog the last few weeks while sick. The produce is as gorgeous as the tree tops! The cows, of course, look beautiful as usual.

  3. Haven't been blogging in forever but couldn't sleep so I hurried over here to check up on you and see how things were going in your lovely part of the world. I'm so glad it's good for you. :-)

  4. Look at those cows:) They look really happy and very pretty x

  5. Your Yummy squash makes me yearn for all, even though it's not even, officially, summer yet!

    Thanks for sharing these delicious squash with us.

    And thanks for linking.