Monday, September 12, 2011

Silent Sunday

Yesterday was such a solemn day that even the sunflowers bowed their mighty heads.

My tradition for the past 10 years is to spend this day on the water or in the woods surrounded by nature.

Yesterday I headed to a secluded lake and explored its treasures.

There were no other boats in sight, the lake was all mine.

I saw huge fish in the crystal clear waters and watched giant snails leave snail trails in the mud.

The only sound was the breeze through the trees and the splashing of turtles as they dove off their logs and rocks.

The sun peaked out of the clouds and helped reveal beautiful colors on the sunbathers.

As I kayaked up the lake I saw, in the distance, a solo water bird.  I could not believe my luck!

In a few minutes the soloist was swimming parallel to me.   Handsome and very quiet.

It was a thrill to be on a beautiful lake with a bachelor Loon.

As I drove home I heard a very familiar sound coming towards me.

Canada geese honking as they head South, as the sun set on a day we will never forget.


  1. Beautiful photos, Janis! I enjoy your blog, and have nominated you for "My 7 Links". You can stop over at my blog and see how it works! Hope you have fun with it!