Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trees of Color & Covered Bridges

Today was a great day for exploring the northern parts of Vermont.   Many of the roads have been repaired from Irene, and are ready for eager explorers.
I grabbed my Kleenex ( I have a killer cold) and headed for the remote areas that have the most colors and hidden treasures.

Lots of John Deere traffic greeted me as I got off the highway.  Its always a pleasure to see farmers headed to their fields early in the morning.

I found an old covered bridge, undamaged from the storm, on a rural road.

Identical to the bridge in Bartonsville that vanished in the flood.

I had to walk around this beautiful historical structure.

Found the waterfall, the cold pools and amazing rocks.

The river is 4 times the width it was before the flooding 3 weeks ago.

Hundreds of trees were swept away from this area near the bridge, giant boulders tumbled into new places and formed this new waterfall.

My photos don't do it justice.

With all the trees and top soil gone, all the boulders are now exposed. Probably the way it was a few hundred years ago.

Its still beautiful.


This is the quiet little area under the bridge, with cold crystal clear water, and where baby trout dart around in the shadows of the bridge.

Mavis and I did some rock hunting, trout watching and leaf peeping

Some folks were fly casting in the pools down stream.

We are all desperate to find some big trout.   Irene washed most everything out and sent it downstream all the way to other states.

Lots of color everywhere. The fog and cooler nights are making the hills and valleys a photographers dream.

The sunset tonight was just as spectacular as the colors on the mountains.

Fall in Vermont is breathtaking.  Come enjoy it.


  1. Lovely fall road trip in a state that I have never visited, but hope to get there sometime.

  2. Ahhh...fall in Vermont! We used to go for a long weekend every October, (back when we had relief milkers!) 'Twas a beautiful sight, and we miss it!

  3. Your pictures of Vermont are beautiful. I wish I could get on a plane and see that state some day,Thanks for sharing Cheri

  4. I love Vermont too. When we were looking for a new home/farm we spent sooo much time in Vermont hoping for the right combination of price/home/barn/land all near a hospital. I'm no dummy. I know I can't make a living with just the farm. Maine was the winning ticket. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Oh Vermont, beautiful as ever. I so wanted to make it there as I did get all the way to Ontario taking 2 horses out to my daughter who recently moved there (3,444 km or 2,140 miles a long drive especially with horses). But I got sick with one of those killer colds and it put a damper on my plans. Maybe next time.