Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Treats from Irene

As folks clean up their yards of broken branches and destroyed gardens from the winds and rains of Hurricane Irene, my cows are reaping the benefits.
Neighbors are giving me their giant squash and other veggies as they start the process of putting their gardens to bed for the season, just a little bit early.

Its alot less expensive to give the herd these treats as opposed to buying their favored cinnimon graham crackers in bulk.
I use a big ice chopper to slice the squash into smaller pieces for the girls.  They like them "bite sized."

There is much slobbering and crunching every evening as I prepare the treats.

Even the bull has aquired a taste for the veggies and apples.

I am getting wheelbarrels full of Macintosh apples that were blown down from Irene.

This is my local "apple fairy" filling my buckets so I can go make my herd happy.

I also grab a few for myself for lunch.

I am also experiencing a bumper crop of carrots too.

The calves are learning how to eat all these different treats.

They now run over to me when they see me chopping stuff up on the road.


In the morning when they hear my truck coming down the road the herd runs to the fence hoping for an apple breckfast.

If you have an abundance of veggies or fruit bring them to your local farmer for the cows, pigs, goats, chickens, sheep, etc.

Every little bit helps.

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