Sunday, November 20, 2011

Early Cactus

My Christmas cactus has bloomed a whole month early this year.

Was it influenced by WalMart (they started playing Christmas music on OCTOBER 30th!)


Global warming ?

Are your cactus blooming ?



  1. Yes, my Christmas cactus is blooming. I can't remember when it did last year but I think it was now. My son, who lives in Siberia, said his was blooming 3 weeks ago.
    Certainly there is climate change going on.

  2. My new cactus, in the south kitchen window, started blooming a week ago. The huge old cactus in the north living room window hasn't bloomed in years, even though it's been in a south or east, and now north, window.

    Mine looks very much like yours, but without the pretty tablecloth under it.

  3. Mine too is blooming but then it bloomed at Thanksgiving last year so we call it a Thanksgiving cactus!