Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Neighbor's Scottish Cows

Since there are many Scottish Highland cattle admirers here, I am posting some photos I took recently ( the day before the snow) of the neighbors herd.

This herd eats hay most of the year since they do not have fields to graze. ( I always tell my cows how lucky they are to be on pasture !)

Since the landscape of Vermont is very similar to Scotland, these animals do really well here.

In fact, Scottish immigrants settled some of the towns in this area and some brought their animals with them.     The southern half of one town was purchased in 1773 by two agents for the Scotch American Company of Farmers from Renfrew and Lanark, Scotland, whose members began settlement in 1774.

I enjoy looking at all the colors of the herd.

The damage these big horned animals do to the hay racks always has me wondering how the owner affords to constantly replace them.

This nice looking blonde cow was curious and came over to visit......

and give me the "hairy" eyeball......

All the corn on all the area farms have been chopped and put in silos and bunkers for the long winter ahead.      With the tall corn gone it really opens up the landscape to other views.....  Like white horses and red barns.

I am fortunate to live amongst hundreds of farms and thousands of acres of rural lands.

There is always something to see.


Hope you are all keeping your eyes out looking for the "Ag" in your own areas.



  1. ohhhh Thanks!
    I always love looking at other Highland folds!
    So many silver and whites!
    We have two feeding systems here,I'm doing a post on them this week,they have held up really well.
    The horns are not as damaging as they look,at least not with mine.
    Once again thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. I do live in an AG area. I love the countryside as the crops this time of year are harvested and the fields prepared for next spring. We have a couple of Scottish Highlanders just down the road. They are cute little cows.

  3. Now those are some interesting looking cows! I wonder if they get really hot in the summer?

  4. Thanks for the great pics, Will definitely be sending my dad here for a look. (he never comments even on my blog, but you can bet he will stop by!

  5. What lovely cows, beautiful in a different way than yours... and yes, the horns are wicked! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  6. Fun posts with beautiful east coast color. Thanks for your blog Janis.

    Cindy DP from Ca.