Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Persistant Gardner

Winter is banging on my door and I just can't stop growing stuff.   I can not give up.

My brussell sprouts are going strong.  Had a bunch for supper tonight.

My brussel sprout tree looks like a Charlie Brown christmas tree.  Maybe I will put some lights on it next month.

I planted lettuce, indoors, tonight.      I love fresh salad in the winter.

Soon I will be growing sprouts for salads too.

I also have a "secret garden" in my garage.    My geraniums are growing great in the sunlight and my sunflower heads are drying out and getting ready to be winter feed for the birds that visit my porch for seeds and suet.  There are 50 heads in variuos stages of drying.

It is hard to give in to winter.   

Are you growing anything ?



  1. Not yet as I still have stuff in the garden. I did, yet again, try to bring in the rosemary plants before frost. The 2 big ones promptly died.

    There was a little one that my son managed to firmly step on when digging the others. It's still doing ok.

    I have lots of house plants (40+) so those are on the receiving end of a frustrated gardener's green thumb during the winter.

    I usually start seedlings on Feb. 1 each year, so the 2 month break from outside gardening is ok.

    I brought my sunflowers in before the squirrels got them and before the mold appeared. But it came anyway inside the house. They were hanging over the wood stove. Too much humidity from all the rain. :(( I'll figure it out one year, I hope.

  2. I've never tried growing anything this time of year...but a bit of green sure would be nice over winter!!

  3. I have spearmint, parsley and thyme in the house. We got our first sticking snow today so all is white out there. I plan on starting more herbs and some lettuce, also. Just can't seem to grow brussel sprouts.