Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hay Heads

Winter has officially started for us farmers that have run out of grazing fields.

The cows have meandered up to the barnyard from the fields and it is time to start feeding hay.

The herd had fun destroying 2 old bales that have been sitting out for a couple of months.   

The cows flung the hay all over each other.

Like a bunch of little kids throwing birthday cake in a wild celebration.

As they grazed around the barnyard they also got burdock entwined in their heads and ears.

Which made them look like they were indeed at a wild party.

I have never figured out why they prefer old hay to new hay.

or why they have such fun destroying the first few bales of the season.

Is it just my cows that do this or do your cows do the same thing ?



  1. I'm going to say it's ALL cows, anyway the same here in Kansas!

  2. We have one particular cow that, (whenever I'm kneeling next to her, washing her udder for milking) throws whatever she's eating back on top of me! They do have some quirky habits! :)

  3. Our cows get rowdy when the weather turns. They go jumping and running. Always surprises me how those big girls can move.

  4. Ours can tear a bale up and roll it around in a hurry with their big horns.
    I love watching them!

  5. We don't feed round bales, but ours will toss hay they deem inedible back over themselves, away from the feeder.

    We feed inside so this hay will serve as carbon to stabilize the nutrients in the manure they leave. We also put down shavings, as the hay is not enough for the stabilizing job.

    In the spring this mass is turned over into compost by the pigs and spread on the fields when they have finished.