Monday, February 20, 2012

Dressed For Success

Mavis is from South Carolina and frequently will not get in my truck in the morning to go to work because it is too cold out.
In the past she was afraid of most of the dog jackets I got for her.  They made noise, or put pressure on various parts of her too sensitive body.

Several weeks ago a dog store opened across the street from my main office and I immediately walked Mavis over there on a day that was a warm 40 degrees.
In 15 minutes a wonderful PolarTec dog jacket was found and Mavis preferred it over all the other jackets we tried on.

She has been wearing it at work and at home. The southern girl isn't cold and is no longer giving me that "neglected" dog look.
I think the burgandy color suits her.

I spent her entire "treat allowance" for the next 3 months on this jacket.
Worth it.
I am going to purchase another when they go on sale this summer.
What color do you think would also look good on her?


  1. By next winter, she will be acclimatized to VT and will probably sport an undercoat and not need a jacket.