Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Princess in the Hay

It was a frosty -15 degrees below zero yesterday morning just before the sun came up.

I carefully drove down the icy road to feed and water the cows.  My headlights caught the ice crystals hanging off of all the trees.  My breath was freezing as I exhaled. The windows fogging up. My heater still blowing cold air.   The roads were empty and I was the only vehicle out in the dark.

The gigantic full moon was the only witness to my passionate drive to serve breakfast to my beloved herd.

As I drove closer to the field the cows are in, my headlights caught an unusual sight.

I wasn't really sure what I saw.

As I put on my heavy gloves over my heavy jacket I glanced again in the direction of the herd and saw a white head inside the hay rack.

The herd had frost on them and some were laying on the ground near the hay rack, the manure pack keeping them warm underneath.

But the one cow that was the most comfortable was the one inside the hay rack on her fluffy bed of hay.   She did not budge one inch when I arrived on the scene.

It was still dark out so my flash was going off, making the cow eyes look owlish.

Upon closer inspection I discovered it was the mischievous #5... Glory.  All tucked into the hay, happy, warm, well fed and with no intention of moving.

The cows had plenty of hay to munch on until I returned later that afternoon, so I didn't have to start the frozen tractor, sit on the ice encrusted seat or freeze my fingers off cutting the white marshmellow plastic off the big bale...until later in the day.

The old saying "let sleeping dogs lay" came to mind, so I left Glory as she was.

Hoping she would exit the rack on her own, without incident.

7 hours later when I returned, she was still in the hay rack and her mom was bellowing because her bag was engorged because that hay-bed hogging calf had not nursed all day.

Glory was not concerned.

The question; How do you get a cow out of a hay rack?

The answer:  Carefully.

Who else has had a cow in the hay rack?



  1. We did!! Our hay racks have 3 sides as the back is against the wall. They are designed to raise up as the bedding pack raises.

    Last year we went out to feed and found Taxi wedged behind the rack in the big stall, cleaning out the hay there. The rack is now tied to the walls on both sides.

    Easy to get her out, just untie one top rope and move the feeder aside. DH did remark that he'd have to put ropes on the side of the feeder in the small stall before moving her there.....

  2. Hmmm...never had a cow in the hay rack, but our calves love to climb into the feed buckets in their boxpens for some reason! Great pictures!

  3. We have hay feeder just like the one pictured and we have had our heifers in the hay rack constantly! Mostly the black angus, the red angus stay out. Ours find a way out when I bring the buckets of grain into their paddock. Where there's a will....