Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Men

As I trucked on down yet another rural road, I passed some real "muscle in the field" and did a 360 in the road and headed back to these handsome hunks.

Real eye candy.  And calm too.

I couldn't keep my eyes off them.

I fantisized about the calves they would produce if they had a "date" with a few of my cows.

They are not red angus.

Do you know the breed ?

Ok, the breed is.....

Red Devon.

Ever seen any before?



  1. The Devon semen we use is from New Zealand Devons, but I don't believe I've heard them called "Red". Ours makes some mighty nice beef cattle crossed with our Simmental/Angus cows. :)) Meat is not to be believed, tender and wonderful flavor.

  2. Those are gorgeous bulls, and you would never see them around here in our midwest area.