Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February Farm Tour

The day was overcast, cloudy and just around 33 degrees so I went for a ride to find some new farms.

I assume this barn is empty, as it would be near impossible to open the doors with all the ice and snow packed up against it.  Don't ya just hate it when you get plowed in?!

I drove south and noticed the big lack of snow.  None.

Cows still out in the fields.

Red cows get my attention.

 And apparently I got theirs as well.


A very good looking pair.

I think they would of gone home with me if I had persisted.

These 2 were cute too.

Unusual color on the calf on the right.  Chocolate and white.

They were talking about me too.

Horses in pajamas always get my attention.  Especially blondes.

This one is a Morgan.       In a field with no snow.

Creative perches for farm birds.

More heifers on the hillside.

Very nice barn with some very content sheep.

Name that breed.

2 ewes for you.

A flock of calm faces.

They were as intrigued with me as I was with them.

A good day for a good ride to southern Vermont.

However, I saw lots of damage from Hurricane Irene. It will take years, maybe decades, to recover from the loss of agricultural land, homes, bridges and farms.



  1. Rode down Rt 91 from Greenfield, MA the other day and w/o snow, the downed trees and major damage from the October storm is still very evident.

    I was wondering, with the clear access, why they weren't out clearing up the trees so near the road where they usually mow...

  2. Love the farm tour...thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Love the tour, and it was good to be reminded about Irene... she is so out of the news we have forgotten (down here) all the damage done "up there".

  4. I MUST come visit sometime this spring and take my own pictures of barns so I can paint them! I love the pictures you take of barns!