Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Barns, Art & Antiques

The last day before the snow came.

I went looking for the eagles that have been frequenting a hidden part of the nearby river.

I didn't find them, but there are 3.
One adult and two juveniles.

I intend to get some photos of them soon, so stay tuned.

The next day the snow came.

 In my travels I ended up on a rural back road, a dead end, and found another yellow barn.

This time with three horses enjoying their breakfast.

They were as interested in me as I was in them.

They never stopped chewing.   I got hungry watching them and headed back the way I came, hoping to find a hot coffee and a cheese burger within the next 10 miles or so.

 I later ended up at an art gallery and saw this beautiful oil painting on the wall.

It got my attention for two reasons:

1.  It had red and white beef cattle in it.  Something you don't see everyday. Most paintings around here prefer the black and white Holsteins.

2. I recognized the barn and the fence posts.
I ask the gallery owner if it was the barn north of town, about 15 miles away.  She did not know, so she phoned the artist and he was surprised I recognized the barns exact location. He said I had a good "eye."

I said I never forget a barn. Once I see it I always remember it.

This painting only had a small part of the barn in it, but it also had Herefords and one black animal which I think the artist took some poetic license with and put a white blaze on the face.
Those 3 facts gave me enough information to surmise which barn it was.

It's this barn. These cows.
and the black animal in the painting, in real life, is a short, all black chunky Angus bull named Napoleon.
The gallery owner asked me if I would like to buy the painting...... she was removing and changing the many paintings on the wall.
She said she would leave the cow one up in case I wanted to get it.  She was hoping.....

At this price I can't afford it.
I have mentioned the painting to the barn/cattle owner and I think we might go on a road trip to go see it.
Ironically at the back of the store there were several 8 x 11 framed photographs of other parts of their farm.  It is certainly picturesque.  I have some of the same kind of photos of the exact same locations.

After I left the gallery I drove around the little town, since I had ever really explored it, and found this unusual building just a few blocks from the gallery.

I think this might have once been used as the Grange Hall and is now private partments.
Not sure, but I will find out.
Its in good condition.

Speaking of old.....

I got a tour of a house in the village. It use to be an antique store in the 60's.

Look at what I found in one of the rooms.

Guess the name of this piece of vintage kitchen equipment and all the things it was used for. Or is it considered furniture ?

Do you have one ? What do you use it for these days?


  1. I think my grandma called hers a hoosier cabinet.

  2. It's a Hoosier cabinet. From This Old House: the popular Hoosier cabinet, which sped meal delivery with metal-lined flour bins, cookbook holders, a calendar, a grocery list wheel, and a flour sifter—plus handy nutritional charts.

    Lots more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hoosier_cabinet

    If i had my dream summer kitchen, this would be perfect in it.....

  3. it's a
    'hoosier cabinet
    ' and is used as a baking center. mine is cream and green

  4. What a wonderful day of exploring and coincidences you had. About that kitchen cupboard, I don't know what they're called but I'd love to have one! Enjoy the snow :)

  5. That is a wonderful old hoosier, sort of a self contained kitchen pantry. I do not have one, but sure wish I did...I also wish you could purchase that painting, it is lovely...

  6. Hoosier Cabinet ~ love them ~ Your photos are wonderful the before and after snow ~ and your 'adventure' sounds delightful ~ Great post for 'D' ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  7. I love all the many photos in today's post. I, especially like the ones with the horses against a snowy foreground eating with the barn as the backdrop. I like barns, too. :)

  8. My grandfather had one of those pantries cabinets in the cellar... the name is on the tip of my tongue and won't come out though.

  9. I absolutely love that piece of furniture! Is it an old icebox? You don't come across many yellow barns I suppose - I've never seen one! Love your winter outdoor pics. {:-Deb

  10. Looks like a kitchen hutch to me. Love the natural photos! I am your latest follower. Nice to meet you! Hope you can stop by and follow me, too! Have a great weekend!

  11. I think it's a Hoosier cabinet and was basically used as a pantry with bins for different things like flour, etc. I don't have one but I wish I did!!

  12. It is a Hoosier cabinet and I have always been very fond of these... Sometimes I daydream about how delightful it would be to have been a grown up during these times!

    Darling post for the letter "D"!