Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barns & Babes

Lost on a backroad with no signs...... GPS was wrong. 
But the barns, snow and fences were beautiful.

When I finally reached my destination my friend showed me the kitten she rescued from her pond the evening before.   "Swimmer" now has a permanent home.  So far this little pixie has caught 2 mice and is earning her keep. 

When I return home, I usually have a welcome committee meeting me in the driveway.  Most times I have Marilyn pecking at the window, while sitting in my porch chair, urging me to come back out with treats.

Do you have one critter that "stalks" you ?


  1. What a cute kitty! Do you belong to her now?
    Love your blog, I look forward to reading the goings on.

  2. what a cutie! I am so glad the little one was adopted and will be loved. My 2 cats, Mooshoo and Kala, follow me everywhere. They both always want to be on my lap but will not share so it is first come first served. Nice to be so wanted.

  3. I love old barns. Nice pictures. Cute cat, I'm glad she was rescued. Over the years, I have had critter stalkers. Usually the barn cats follow me around - they know who gives them treats. It is annoying, however, when I try to go for a walk and hear "MeOW...MeOW...following me.

  4. Janis, I enjoyed this so much. Your photographs are beautiful. I especially enjoy the "critter pics"! :) Yes, thank goodness, I do have sweet critters who stalk me. My three dogs greet me enthusiastically, and then follow me from room to room. Every. Time. My husband calls them my entourage.

    Thank you for a wonderful vicarious visit! :)

  5. Not really stalks, but Ernie likes to get out and supervise work activities, particularly at butchering time. DH says having a hen under the car when he's working on it is NOT useful.

  6. THat cat reminds me of a somewhat ferrel cat we had in our barn growing up. She loved the chickens and would allow us to pet her outside, in their pen, but she wouldn't let us pick her up or bring her inside. She looked very similar!