Thursday, December 5, 2013

Scones & Sheep

I was on my constant quest to find some decent scones, preferably raspberry white chocolate scones, which are impossible to find here in Vermont.   So I crossed the big water (the Connecticut River... in case you are not familiar with the geography of the sister states) and drove into New Hampshire.

I thought if I went to a very rural general store they just might have a few warm scones that I could enjoy with some fresh brewed "Live Free or Die" coffee.

Four general stores were visited and all they had was an assortment of holiday cookies (broken turkeys) eight day old pumpkin pies (I bought 2 slices, what the heck) and pre Christmas candy canes by the hundreds, perhaps thousands.  I continued my driving.  Map in hand.

By the afternoon I was a bit discouraged and headed to an even more out of the way rural town.

On my way I found a nice flock of sheep that watched me as I drove by.

So I backed up.

I was feeling a bit chilled and envied this flock their warm wool and the fact that their owner was smart enough to have an outdoor furnace.

The heavy duty furnace are dotted amongst the hills, woods and fields of the rural areas in these 2 pioneer states. (NH & VT)     These are very efficient furnaces.  They burn wood, coal, corn, and anything that can burn.  I have watched entire old barns be torn down and used as fuel for these free standing units.  One torn down barn has been feeding the nearby furnace for 4 years and counting.
Here is some info on the pros and cons of these cost efficient digesters.

These nice ewes look like Dorsets.

 They also looked a bit like the scones which I was searching for.

 White, fluffy and warm....

Oh well... I stopped driving East and turned around in this barnyard and headed back home.

When ever I start looking at sheep, I get tired.

Hope you are having a wonderful week.

Got scones ?


  1. This is the cutest post. You should make your own scones and pack them for your outings. That way you get the best of it all. :)

  2. i've seen these furnaces around here and never knew what they were. maybe make some scones?

  3. I think sheep are so sweet and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photographs. ;)

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    Mary-andering Among the Pages