Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cow Documents

Transferring cows to a new owner is not easy.

Making sure all the documents are ready, readable and signed is a time consuming job.

The first thing I did when the new owner agreed to take the entire herd was to do my registrations and get them signed and ready for transfer.

Then I started making a special herd book just for the new owner.

In this book are photos of each cow and their calves plus the sire of the cow and the sire of the calves.
It is a colorful history of the herd.

It took a few weeks to get the desired photos and save them to a file.

My printer died, so I had to hire the local copy shop to make this herd book.

I went down to the shop with the files and coached store owner Glenda about the placement of the photos.

The book got done and was a nice gift to give to the new owners the day the cows were loaded for their final drive to their new home.


  1. that was a really nice thing to do!

  2. I would have never thought that there would be documents required but it does make sense. The book was a very nice thing for you to present to the new owners! :)

  3. Wow! I never heard of this. Did they think you were odd having an album of cows made?

  4. You do do a nice herd book, and we continued the practice here. It's a very useful tool!

  5. Wow - what a great gift and a document of their history. I hope you kept a copy for yourself and I hope the cows are well cared for and happy.