Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mabel the Geranium

10 years ago an elderly farm wife gave me her special geranium that she had had for years. When she gave it to me, it was similar to a small tree. It was about 4 feet high and was covered with red blooms.

Mabel was aging badly and was trying to downsize her household so she could move around easier in a walker.   I was gifted with several plants, some refrigerator magnets (all cows of course) and some old farm magazines.   I cherish them all.

Mabel ended up in a nursing home.  I visit her on my travels to the southern part of the state.
I moved north to a busy farming community and I brought all my plants including my huge "Mable" geranium.   Unfortunately, a box in my truck fell over on my plants and crushed several of them, including Mabel.     I had to start all over and trim the broken branches and try to re-pot them.
I have a huge bay window in my upstairs hallway and here is where this special plant lives during the snowy winters and cool spring days.  She recovered well from her moving accident and soon her blooms took up the entire window space.

This summer I brought Mabel outside and planted her in a big old maple stump in the front yard.

She loved it and doubled her usual bloom output.

I water, weed and fertilize her and she has many visitors.

The hens come down every day and eat bugs and flies.

 My blonde hen Marlyn wants a geranium on her front porch.

I just might put one there.

Have you got geraniums and whats your favorite variety ?


  1. Lol, my chickens DO have a geranium on their porch!

    I have a few geraniums, of various sizes. Very hardy, and with me looking after them, they need to be!

  2. what a beautiful way to use an old stump!

  3. I LOVE geraniums and usually plant them in containers on the front porch every year! I just never got around to it this year and have really missed them. Mabel looks very, very happy there in the front yard with all her visitors. Will she be okay over the winter?
    P.S. Your house is gorgeous! :)

  4. I have never had any geraniums but love your story of yours. I have a mini rose I have tended for years.

  5. I dislike geraniums due to the smell. But 6 years ago I found a pathetic Attar of Roses geranium in late Sept. and it smelled lovely, so I bought it for $1 and brought it home. It's never flowered, but due to constant pruning, I have about 8 new plants from it. Two stay in the house and just received major haircuts 2 days ago.

    The rest have been out on the farm stand all summer. I did sell 1 to someone who had not been able to find one locally.

    I've always liked the idea of red geranium blooms inside in winter. I'd hoped this one would flower too but not so far...

  6. Janis, I always enjoy your stories, and this one is so sweet. I'm glad that Mabel the Geranium survived the move! Love geraniums- they are a summer staple. I usually just go for the classic bright red. :)

    Love, Joy

  7. Love your Header photo and great post and photos for O ~ Delightful story ~ thanks, carol, xo

  8. I don't know anything about the different varieties, but I LOVE geraniums! Especially red. I wish mine were as big as yours! Mabel is so pretty!

  9. I love this post! From the cows in your header picture to the geraniums (especially the geraniums!!) to your beautiful farmhouse with roaming chickens! I knew a lady once who wintered her geraniums in her house. They too, were the size of small trees. I remember the smell of those geraniums so vividly! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

  10. No geraniums... I'll just have to enjoy yours! What a sweet story -- I hope both Mabels are doing well!

  11. I adore geraniums! And I don't have any! I think I need to go get some..

  12. What a perfect spot for this wonderful gift. I love bright red geraniums, because they seem impossibly red.

  13. Lovely home and Marilyn is a beautiful gal too!

  14. There was a time when I had geraniums in my garden...

    I don't want to hurt the different varieties feelings by picking a favorite... They are all gorgeous!

    It sounds like Mabel survived quite the ordeal...

    And I am glad too because she looks outstanding in the old maple stump...

    Thanks for linking to the letter "O"!