Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Barn at Sunset

I ventured down a new rural road, near sunset this evening, and this is what I found around one of the sharp curves.

This barn has alot of personality.  Lots of little doors on the front and the right side.
I imagine littlechildren playing hide and seek in the hayloft and hiding in all those neat cubby holes.
I guestimate this barn to be just a little over a century old.  And still going strong.
Nice flock of Vermont tough sheep call this barn home.

Progress on the barn at home:

The carpenter found nails hand made from 1848, wood sawed in 1845 -had the date on it.
Around the Civil War time.   He also found a bunch of bottles in between the rafters. 
Treasures will keep popping up every day, I am sure.  It was 120 degrees plus in the sun on that roof today.  All work stopped around 1pm.


  1. If that barn could talk, what interesting stories it could tell, I'm sure. Wow.

  2. WOW! 1848 is way before Civil War time! What a cool barn you have!