Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Barns & Silos

Saw many barns on hairpin turns on a few roads last weekend.  Hard to get photos, but I did not give up.
This is a giant barn that the highway separated from its adjacent house.

The barn in the back collapsed and the one in the front won't be around for much longer.

This is a magnificent barn.  Great view, fresh paint and well taken care of.

Silos dot the landscape of Vermont. All kinds of silos built from all different kinds of materials.

Another barn collpase, yet the ancient silo continues to stand as sentry.

Many silos and high corn. Pray that the milk prices increase so the dairymen can stay in business.
We still need rain too.

I noticed these unusual silos and had to investigate.   Want to guess where these silos are ?

They are at the BEST ice cream factory in the world.

Great Vermont cows make fabulous ice cream! And fabulous ice cream is at Ben & Jerry's

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  1. I didn't realize dairy cattle were so important in Vermont. Now those people work hard. And don't dairy farms always have the nicest yards? They do around here, anyways.