Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Vermont Barns & Bridges

It has been a long HOT month and I have put some miles on my truck getting to all my destinations.  I have seen many great barns, and other unusual buildings, and will continue to showcase them here for you. 
If you could say a little prayer to the rain gods while you view these special photos, it would be appreciated. 
We desperately need rain here in Vermont.

Typical Vermont dairy farm style barn with quaint milk room, required red paint and appropriate antique metal signs.... This farm had a very happy herd of Holsteins that were free range in the back field and walking, in a line, up a dirt road to another field. I wasn't fast enough with my camera to capture that fun moment.

Rebuilt Vermont covered bridge with a trickle of water running under it.  ( Keep praying.. )

Hill side barns are common and this one is a tri purpose barn. Hay on top, tractor inside, livestock in the back. Roof has a good slant to keep the heavy snow off the roof.

Really BIG barns from different centuries.  Every new generation of farmers adds on a barn in their lifetime.
Usually to replace one that collapsed because of heavy snowload or burned to the ground because of lightning strike or because of an electric fence wire sparking near a building.
( always blamed on a cow... )

This is one of my personal favorites.  Well kept by generations of Vermont farmers.
I hope you know that you can click on a photo to enlarge it and see all the neat details.

As farms exchange hands, bans are modified to suit their needs.  Here is a small barn with a newer addition to it.

Nice sized barn for a small farmer.

Note the horse shoe over the doorway.

Almost drove off the road when I spotted this beauty. Note the field stones!!
And a slate roof!
I couldnt get a perfect shot of the barn because of the traffic, but will try again next time.

The roof is almost finished on our old barn.  Excellant job and now part of history here.

Hope you are all having a good summer week.  Please send us some rain.

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  1. Nice roof. What wonderful old barns. We get lots of snow here too. Love the pictures, thanks.