Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Today at the Farm

Lots going on here.

The old barn is getting a newer roof.    The project began today.  I will try to post a photo of the progress every few days.

The old field wheel is looking good

Black eyed Susans are doing really well in this drought.    Nothing else is.

Another old barn that is not doing well. The timbers inside are rotting from a leaking roof on the other side.

And now what we have all been waiting for............

Drum roll please..........

He is here!    Finally.    A red 125 lb baby boy.  Thick, long, fast and handsome.  Mom has enough milk for 3 more calves. To Jenny in Arkansas who guessed an August birthdate for this calf, send me your address and I will mail you a quart of Vermont pure maple syrup.


  1. That's a cute enough face to cheer even grumpy ol' me up.

  2. Beautiful calf!! You have such beautiful cows and calves.

  3. Good luck with the barn. We tore down part of ours and rebuilt. It is a job!

    You calf is darling!


  4. what a lovely barn. I would KILL for ityou have a lovely blog here...just found it
    John in North Wales UK