Sunday, December 11, 2011

Barns of December

The sun was out and the snow has held off a little bit.

A few barns in Northern Vermont were waiting for my camera today.

The rural landscape is quiet this time of year.

Most of the equipment has been stored in barns and the cattle have been brought closer to home from the mountain meadows.

Area farms are very quiet and enjoying the time to rest, repair equipment, feed livestock and get ready for the holidays.

Its good to see so many working barns and small farms dotting the landscape these days.

More and more people are coming to Vermont to purchase small farms and raise vegetables, fruit or livestock.

Lots of room for new farmers here.

 Lots of barns and pastures that need new owners and new ideas.


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  1. I MUST come visit and take pictures of these beautiful barns...then maybe paint some.