Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spud Man

My potato growing adventure was a horrible disaster this summer.

Those that know me know I am a potato worshipper.  I love them, and I live by them.

However, I barely got 5 potatoes out of my garden so I have been looking to buy fresh, locally grown potatoes.  I need a steady supply.

Lucky for me that this handsome local farmer brought all his spuds to the Farmers Market.

I purchased 10 pounds of small Fingerling potatoes.

Fast to cook in a frying pan or by boiling.

Delicious and filling.  4 or 5 are all that I need to fill me up and make me smile.


He is happy that he has a new customer and I am thrilled to have a farmer who has 9 different varieties of spuds and a good sense of humor!

Shop at your local farmers market.        Shop often.



  1. 9 varieties?? who knew?Glad you found him

  2. That's a lot of varieties of potatoes that I never knew about! I love to go to the farmers market when I can...I can grow a lot but not nearly everything.