Friday, December 30, 2011

Making New, Out of Old

 I walked into the local Winter Farmers Market and was awestruck at these unusual lamps.

Notice anything familiar ?

The lamps are made out of vintage meat grinders.

The kind our grandparents used every day.

The kind I am still looking for to grind my fresh beef.

An unusual creation from a real work horse appliance.

Are you still using your old grinders?



  1. My dad still has his around to grind up deer meat.

  2. I just acquired an old meat grinder! It was in the kitchen of a neighbor's house that we purchased, and even though I haven't used it yet, I'm not planning to part with it! That's a unique idea!

  3. I have 2: one considered a food grinder and one a meat grinder. They are different sizes. We also have a #32 grinder that we built a cleanable base for and have a electric motor to run it. That one's huge, and the one we use during butchering, as we are apt to do 30-50 lbs of ground meat at a time.

    Down here I see them often at tag sales.