Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dogs Welcome

One of the best adventures I have been on this year was to the very unique Dog Mountain.


My favorite thing about this wonderful place are all the welcome signs for dogs.

It is something I have never seen in other places.

The Dog Mountain buildings are all handmade and very unique.

There is an art gallery and a chapel.

Lots of details in every aspect of the buildings.

Even the fences have hearts and dog heads on them.

Unusual weathervanes are on all the buildings.

Again, all handmade by the same artist.

The art gallery is FULL of unusual art and other fun stuff.

Very unusal stuff....

Lots of books, art work and carvings.

The signs that fill the walls are wonderful.

More weathervanes and dog heads on the roof overlooking the valley and mountains:

Angel dog weathervanes:

Shirts and more art.   Great sayings.

Bureaus and side tables.

Lots of whimsey at this place.   You have to keep walking around and looking carefully to find it all.

The chapel is so very unusual.
From the outside to the inside

One-of-a-kind door knobs

A cat..... and walls full of notes from dog owners all over the world, to their beloved deceased pets.

everything in this chapel was made by the same artist.  All of it.

Golden church pews

The stained glass windows say it all:

I ventured back to the gallery and found even more carvings and unusual stuff.

As a former long term parochial school student I have much appreciation for nuns.

Nuns exposed.  Creative cabinets.       For DVD players, books, or drinks.

  I laughed myself silly over this one.

How many want a few of these really nice doorknobs?

The other buildings on the property are old, well kept and fit in well with the landscape that surrounds it.

The old dairy barn is now a working art studio where all the interesting carvings and art work are made.

I like old doors.

But especially old barns!

At the far end of the barn is a drive-up to the hay loft and a wonderful ancient wooden silo.

There are less and less of these kind of silos every year, as they rot and fall to the ground.

Not many people can afford to rehab the silos to their former glory, so I really appreciate what few of them are left and I try hard to take a photo of everyone that I discover.

Lots of info, and events, at the Dog Mountain website;

Go there for a visit and bring your dogs!!!



  1. Looks like a great place ! Love all the dogs

  2. I love the doorknob it was just unique. I want to visit the place. Hope I can...soon.

  3. What a wonderful place. I am going to make sure I visit this unique gallery.Great post!!

  4. This is a wonderful place for us furry friend lovers. Thanks so much for sharing!! Visiting from Alphabet Thursdays.

  5. that looks like it's set in the perfect location! i imagine the countryside is beautiful.

  6. Oh my!! I once saw a small article about this wonderful place in Country Living and enjoyed it so. And, now, I get to visit it again via your blog on a much bigger visit! I loved every photo and just sat here in total glee! This is a dog lover's delight!

  7. Wow! What an amazing place ~ Great photos for W ~ ^_^

  8. Oh my gosh. I want to go! I just started a bucket list.
    Thanks so much for sharing this for the letter W!
    I will be posting later today.
    Come by and see my W.
    Thanks again,

  9. Wow, what a fascinating place! Love that dachshund wrapped around the pillar base!

  10. i new to dog loving, always having been a cat person but we have our first dog so this was fun!

  11. You always touch my heart with your posts, Janis. What a wonderful place to honor our beloved dogs. The artwork is so imaginative, but the stained glass windows do say it all.

  12. Wow that artist really loves dogs!!! :-) What a great place!

  13. they've thought of everything! darling.

  14. WHat love is put into this Whimsical Doggie Wonderland....

    I too am a fan of old barns... Thanks for sharing these With us for the letter W...

    Wonderful job!