Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ewes & Devons

I got a tour of a local farm today when I went to pick up a side of lamb that I purchased.

This farm family raises Katadin sheep, Devon beef cattle and maple syrup.

Below are their yearling ewes

Their barn is set up for the comfort and safety of their livestock

Really beautiful ewes.

The herd of Devons came into the barn to visit with me.

These Devons do really well on grass.

They have a wonderful temperment and do well in Vermont.

They make fabulous oxen too.

I was hoping one of them would "follow me home."

There is such a wonderful diversity of farms and livestock in this area.

Can't wait to cook up some of the lamb.

Anyone have any good recipes?



  1. LOVE the Devons,such a nice breed.

  2. Nice looking herds...they all look so healthy n well cared for.