Monday, January 28, 2013

Ford Tough

Its only 9 degrees here in Northern Vermont and the snow started at 10 am and is coming down cold and steady.

The herd was chewing cud and some were still eating breakfast when I came to replenish their water supply.

 The cows like the snow and the cold.

I haven't told them that there is a strong possibility of freezing rain early tomorrow morning.

It will be double nasty because I have a long ride to the Vermont Farm Show tomorrow.

It's 3 long days of work amongst 50,000 attendees and some fabulous agricultural equipment, workshops, free loot and networking.

I am hoping there are some tractor or cow raffles. I want my own tractor and I always want moore cows.

There will be lots of poultry and livestock magazines, key chains, pens and garden equipment up for grabs there as well.
You really should drop what you are doing and head on over to the Essex Jct Fairgrounds.

 I will be commuting so I can water the herd in the evenings and kiss my ducks good night.

 Mavis will be in charge of all the farm chores while I am gone.

She has learned to unplug the tractor heater before starting the tractor and driving off to get hay.
( what a mess it is if you forget!!)

Today she learned how to flip the water pumps on to fill the water tanks.

 I feel confident she can handle the chore challenges as long as the herd does not make eye contact with her.

The herd has been instructed not to distract Mavis while she is working and to make sure the calves do not harass her.

Of course Mavis expects presents upon my return every evening and has asked especially for a smaller, more appropriate blue tractor, with heated steering wheel and seats, to do chores with.

I hope the raffle tickets aren't too expensive.

I love my little farm dog.

Who is in charge of your place when you leave for the day or weekend ?
Does your farm dog wear a jacket that matches your tractor?


  1. I love the matching jacket & tractor, lol! x

  2. I did notice how color co-ordinated she was. :))

    Here it's Herkie the barn cat. He's a city kid and still sort of clueless. :))

    But mostly, there's not anyone, so either 1 stays behind to do them, or we don't leave before they are done or are back to do them.

  3. The fellow who runs the kennel 5 days a week usually tends to my animals when I go away but this year I have a son living with me temporarily so he will do it. I don't have a tractor to match but my GSD would not think a coat appropriate for doing chores.

  4. I love the matching coat! Have fun!

  5. Great pics! Thanks so much for sharing this on The HomeAcre Hop!

  6. Good grief, that is cold! Lovely rustic images!

  7. It's nice to know you can leave everything in good, uh...paws!

  8. Thanks for sharing this on Wildcrafting Wednesday!

  9. that jacket is wonderful. Looks like you a great farm keeper while you are away. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo P.S. the new giveaway started Friday :-)

  10. I don't have a farm, but I do have a dog, and he has jacket, it's a must!

  11. I love your farm dog. And your farm! I think farmers are the best people on the planet.