Thursday, January 17, 2013

Winter Has Returned

This flu has tried to kill me and so far has failed. Thank goodness for a good hospital, great care and lots of fluids.  I just might be fit to be a normal person by next week.

Its been snowing for 2 days. We were only suppose to get a half inch of snow.    Got 8.
Snow plows were going up and down this rural road all last night and the neighbor came and plowed us out this morning just before a giant snow squall hit us.

The snow has made the landscape beautiful again.

 The ducks are thrilled that the plow man dug down deep and uncovered some grass for the flock to nibble on.

My garden pole beans and corn are cooking in the kitchen for succotash.

 And  fresh lamb with my garden potatos and carrots in the crockpot.

The house smells good and I think my appetite might return by lunchtime.

With the snow come dozens of different tracks through the fields and side yard. The coyotes are following the deer.  Foxes are passing by every afternoon.   The neighbors warned us about a fisher cat in the area.
Turkeys are in the woods and fields looking for food. Several are up with the herd.
Wildlife thrive here.

 I have an urge to do some cross county skiing today, but do not yet have the energy to take on such a physically demanding  activity.

I long to get out and drift on the snow and follow tracks into the woods and see what other treasures are there.

Hope you are all staying healthy and warm.


  1. Hoping your dinner helps you get your strength back.
    We are expecting more snow,today is just light flurries.

  2. I hope you are feeling 100%. We need more snow and are experiencing frigid temps right now. We'll be hitting -30 next week for a few days. Time to think of planting.

  3. We got 5" overnight Tuesday night, supposed to be 1". Hens were not pleased to again be locked in until the snow came off the barn roof. But we made amends by spreading new bags of leaves and they were content.

    I am glad to hear you have survived the flu and are planning a luscious supper.