Thursday, January 31, 2013


My boss took me out for coffee last week because my hands were frozen and I needed something hot to hold onto.
We went to a local mall and as I walked through the doors I saw a wonderful art display that was calling my name.

On the wall was a huge brown cow.

I can actually smell this cows breath.....  Such wonderful detail!

 Can you feel her watching you ?

Would love to have this on my wall watching over me.

She has a calming affect.

To place a lion with a cow was a bit unusual. Its not March (comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb)

Beautiful detail on the lion as well!

I hated to leave her behind.
 This is the incredible artist who makes fabulous kites.

Just incase you are unable to read his handwriting;

The artist is Jim Thompson
"Helen the cow kite"
Acrylic on paper.  $100
Phone  802-223-1069

Take a glance at his website and let me know which kite you would like to go home with.


  1. I'm waiting for her to stick out that sand-paper tongue and grab my coat sleeve as I walk by! :)

  2. The lion is my favourite - stunning detail, powerful colours, and it's like the lion is looking you straight in the eye! :-)

  3. wow. never considered hanging a cow on my wall:)

  4. Very nice! I've never seen any kites like this before. Works of art!

  5. Awesome kites! I checked out the artist's website and I thought they were all really well-done. I probably would buy the fox, since it's my favorite animal, but the cow one would be great to fly here in Wisconsin.

  6. Oh these kites are quite unusual! A great share! Enjoy the week and thanks for letting us enjoy this today!

  7. What a kool boss you have!

    I loved the way you phrased your desire for coffee!

    What a neat art installation!

    Thanks for sharing it.


  8. I love it... I know what you mean about cows breath, I recall it being rather sweet... I'm so glad you came by to share on Weekly Top Shot #70!

  9. Very cool, I love the cow and the lion! Happy Sunday!