Sunday, December 1, 2013

the Rooster VIEW

I met the town's most handsomest rooster today.
His name is Cosmos and he lives in Ryegate, VT

I met his owner Linda too.
She was giving me a ride to a deacons meeting, so I got a tour of her coop and flock.

Here are Cosmos's wives.

He warned me to not get close to them.

 I listened.

 I noticed a few unusual critters when we arrived at our meeting.

Creatively made out of scrap agricultural metal.

I learned a great idea to make a fast bookcase.   Firewood and boards!

Our meeting had a cat in the middle of the table to keep us entertained.

Felex moved to the microwave and kept an eye on us.

  On my way home I also learned a nice way to decorate stonewalls... and keep chipmunks happy.

And I found a perfect home for sale, at a reasonable price, with lots of space for a large garden.
The neighbor has an unused barn and the town has a tiny population of people with a hidden pond nearby.

I may have to make a phone call tomorrow..........

How was YOUR day ?


  1. We stayed home and finished up the last of pig processing. So a long tiring day. Then I watched one of my Christmas movies: Christmas Angel.

  2. No meeting is complete without a cat centerpiece!

  3. Thx for sharing on Thank Goodness it's Monday. This was fun to read and pics are lovely. Gorgeous rooster and hens. And I thought we were the only ones with a live feline centerpiece!

  4. Cosmo looks like a right bad tempered bugger

  5. Delightful post ~ love your cat and sounds like a delightful day ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  6. Cosmos certainly has his Chicks lined out, and from the sound of it everyone else as well. He was awfully good about your getting a close-up shot of his Cosmos Comb! Funny...Jenny...Cat Centerpiece...both of you...good ones for Letter C.
    Visiting from Alphabe~Thursday
    Sue CollectInTexas Gal

  7. that's a beautiful looking house! I'd stay away from that rooster too! Cute bison! {:-D

  8. Sounds like you were quite busy! I love the idea of taking in cat and leaving the pumpkins out for animals! I learned a lot from you today!

  9. I love, love, love your photos of the chickens!!!! Aren't they beautiful?

  10. That cat has personality ey... lol... Nice house. Hope it's a fair listing.

  11. Now that's quite a collection of interesting items!
    The chicken are quite pretty!
    I'm glad Felex kept a watchful eye. No doubt the meeting progressed well because of him!

  12. Cosmos certainly looks like a charmer...

    And that house is so cute!

    Clever post for the letter "C".

    Thanks for linking.