Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gnome is where the heart is...

As the "snow showers" turned into a beautiful "white out" here the other day, I drove to the local Job Lots store and browsed all the new gardening items that were being taken out of boxes and placed on the racks. I day dreamed about the different gardens I would create this spring and all the vegetables and flowers I would grow. I can hardly wait.
My plan is to plant 5 times more than I did last year so I can sell my surplus at a local farmers market. The Localvore culture is growing in leaps and bounds. Small farmers can't keep up with the demand for fresh food, so there is plenty of room for new growers of new varieties. I am already known for 2 of the products I produce and I hope to increase my resume and knowledge this year. A carpenter is building a special wagon to showcase the future harvest. I want to build a trellis for some of the vegetable vines and morning glories. I will be collecting willow branches and other woods to hand make these primitive garden fixtures. As my daydreaming continued I came across some very happy gardening faces. I want one of each of these adorable garden gnomes. They are good luck and they work very hard in every garden they adorn.
After my garden safari I returned home and was greeted by 2 new blooms on the giant plant in the sunroom. Regardless of the snow and ice outside, every plant IN this house is growing~! Can't wait for the chicks to get here next~! There is NOTHING like the taste of FRESH eggs~!

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