Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet March

 The crocus are up, the sap is still running, the air is drenched with the smell of maple syrup being made and the rains have come to melt the remainder of the snow away. I visited a friend who makes maple syrup and has tours this very special "Maple Weekend." I learned how to grade the finished syrup and had the BEST coffee of my life~!! It was made from all pure sap right from the tree, instead of using water. I had a buzz 90 seconds after the first sip. I have never had anything so delicious. Why don't they bottle pure sap for coffee junkies ? I trotted down to see the new lambs and spent time watching the babies frolic. Then I went home to find a surprise. The stork unconventional means, By trailer....and brought me a calf I have been waiting for since last December. Her name is Rachel Ray ( RR ) and she is a Hereford/Red Angus hybrid with some fabulous grassfed genetics.
Read about how important grassfed beef is:
After that exciting present, I had dinner at the Front Porch Cafe. I brought some fresh caught Haddock with me and had the chef there bake it to perfection. I had called ahead to see if they would do this ( since my oven is broken ), and they quickly said yes. Now, they are going to offer this same exclusive service to the public, since so many people commented on how great this was that the chef would custom cook a customers fish. Lots of folks here have freezers full of game and fish they have caught. The Front Porch Cafe is the best kept secret in the area. Its location is in an old stagecoach road house, on the side of a mountain overlooking fields, forests awesome trout stream. I discovered it, by accident, while I was stuck in the mud trying to rescue 2 dogs that were running across the highway.
The day has been full of excitement and surprises. The rain started to fall at dusk. Feeling very confident that there would be no more -10 degree days, I put all my very heavy winter clothing away and reorganized my closets. What a difference. Lots of room now. I awoke this morning with a smile that won't leave my face. My Christmas Calf, RR, is just beautiful and she loves horse treats made from apples. I made coffee and mourned the lack of pure sap to make it with. I may have to go get some or tap a few trees here myself. Its raining cats & dogs today and the 5 Red Winged Black birds, 30 gold finches, 5 downy woodpeckers and several nuthatches are all clustered around my bird feeding station and having a jolly good meal. Its a great day to bake muffins and dream of calves and trout.

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