Friday, March 13, 2009

Moore March Madness

Still more signs of spring.

For any good farmer, this is the ultimate sign of spring: Fence posts. Hundreds of them.

Cedar fence posts are the preferred kind. They last longer. They will hold electric fence wire and keep the livestock in, and strangers out. Unfortunately, fences don't deter the coyotes and other 2 legged predators. With the current economy, cattle rustling is a serious worry. The cold weather prevents mosts rustlers from attempting to kill and field butcher livestock, but the warmer weather will bring trouble to local farmers this year. Please be a watch dog for your local farmers. They all need your help.

Another sure sign of March are the bargains and trades that farmers are doing amongst themselves to get set for the upcoming haying season in June. With money in short supply and the cost of all needed farm supplies too expensive for the small farmers, bartering, scavenging and trading are the menu for the day.

Fence posts are coming in and tractors are going out.

Farmers are the ultimate recyclers. They MUST Reuse, Rethink and Reinvent just about everything to stay in business. AND they feed us.
Have you hugged a farmer today ?

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