Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Roots = Good Genes

Joyously, most of my seeds came and I have already planted tomatoes and two kinds of peppers in tiny sod pots. I placed them on a heating pad to insure their comfort and growth. Regardless of the weather inside this house, the strongest seeds will drop roots, survive, thrive and grow. Seeds that won't grow have no roots and poor genes. I believe the same of people. I have met many people who do not know what they want or where they want to "put down roots." I have observed that their lives are often confused and some what meaningless. They do not volunteer for charities, they don't give of their time in any way and spend most days programming their MP3, Smart Phone and other techie equipment or updating their Face Book, My Space, Tweeter or Blogs.... A very superficial and self centered life. REAL or NO REAL ? Four of the 5 of these "typical" NO Roots folks also have plastic plants in their homes. The fifth one has 2 dead plants. I rest my case.
These same people complain relentlessly about the weather. It was a glorious sunny windy 12 degrees today and you would of thought it was -50 degrees the way they yelled and agonized. The way they move around from one location to another, I firmly believe they will never be content anywhere and will always be a source of "noise pollution." They certainly are not real New England Yanks. Personally, for me, New England is home, with a capital H.
My roots and integrity run deep. Although its nice to visit other places, my intense homing instinct always brings me back here. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR HOME IS ?
Plant some seeds and find out.

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