Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dance of Life

A beautiful sunrise this morning and a call from a dear friend informing me that her only daughter was getting a divorce and all the reasons it happened. As I listened, my mind immediately drifted to all the things I knew about relationships: it takes TWO to tango and ONE to ruin the dance. My heart has been my own faulty navigator my entire life, instead of my brain. And for me, old love never dies.

That's the part and parcel of all I have learned on my painful relationship journey.
I know much more about nature and the wonderous animals I share my life with. Especially the deer that come down to eat the remaining apples off the trees at dusk. I see the bulges in their bellies and know they will have fawns in May and June. The deer are consistant visitors. They always arrive at the same time every evening.
The apples are almost gone and as the snow melts they will gorge themselves on all the apples that fell and were covered by the winter snows. Fermented apples = drunk deer. I hope they don't attempt to cross the near by roads when they are under the influence of the hard cider. 

I also know, when visiting or travelling, inorder to find the most comfortable and warmest place in a house, go find out where the cats hang out. Felines have an uncanny ability to claim all the good spots in a home, cafe, library or yard.
The sunset tonight was spectacular. Complete with FIVE male red winged black birds singing in the tallest tree hoping to attract a mate. Tomorrow I will go on another rural safari typical of my digital nomad lifestyle. Its just an excuse to do more trout surveilance.

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