Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Chicken Swap~!

As the sweet smell of millions of apple blossoms filled the air, thousands of poultry of every shape, size and color filled the apple orchards parking lot. Hundreds of excited people came to sell, buy, photograph and watch as birds exchanged owners and more unusual items arrived for sale. Ducks, geese, hens, chicks, guinea fowl, roosters, quail, doves, finches, turkeys and many more types of fowl arrived and left every moment. A flock of Canada Geese flew overhead and did a returning loop after they heard the calls of dozens of their geese relatives. The day was colorful, educational and exciting. More and more people are raising their own food and poultry is one of the most important items for meat as well as eggs. Dozens of hatching eggs were also available for sale. The prices were excellant and those special cartons of eggs left quickly to new owners and would be in incubators before nightfall. The Department of Agriculture was doing blood tests and mouth swabs on all birds over 5 months of age inorder to keep all the Vermont flocks healthy and disease free.

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