Friday, May 15, 2009


The chicks finally came in today. The parking lot at the grain store was full of trucks and very happy people. I could hear the sounds of thousands of chicks peeping as I got out of my truck. 10 Barred Rock chicks were coming with me. They look great walking around a historical farmhouse and will help keep bugs off the tomatoes and ticks off the cats. I also loaded up 4 fluffy Buff Orphington chicks as well. They are winter hardy, gentle birds who act like Golden Retrievers. I rushed home and placed the 14 micro babies in the brooder that I set up for them with fresh water, starter crumbles and a light for warmth. I dipped their beaks in the water and the crumbles to get them started. They were all very thirsty after their long air flight to the grain store from the mid west. I still have some rare and heritage breed chicks I will be picking up in the near future. Most are winter hardy, heavy foragers, and lay unusual colored eggs.
These chicks will also be used to train animal disaster responders on how to handle, capture, shelter and feed them while in their care.
There are so many species that are affected in disasters, its critical that responders cross train on as many different species as possible. These lucky chicks have a clean coop, spring water, fresh air and lots of acerage in which to have bug adventures when they grow up. I can hardly wait for the rest of the chicks to hatch that I ordered. Chickens are like potatoe chips--you just can't have one, or a few. Its a bit addictive. Now to think of some really good names for each of them......

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