Saturday, May 30, 2009

Water Sports

I am always amazed how some wildlife will come right up to you when you least expect it. I was looking for trout the other day in the rain, when a brown salamander walked right by me and slithered into the shimmering crystal clear pond. A few moments later this endangered red eared cooter walked right up to me and then paddled and walked the rest of the way to the pond. He really covered some ground in a short amount of time. Last week I got bitten by a similar, but larger, turtle that had bitten a fishing hook. As I dislodged the hook from his mouth he chomped down on my finger and then hissed at me. I now have the distinct outline of a turtle mouth on my index finger. Its all red and infected too. I have seen 3 turtles on land in as many days. Must be breeding season or something. Thankfully, they are in a safe, secluded area void of vehicles and turtle eaters.

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