Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Surprise

A 94lb surprise early on Mothers Day morning geeted me at the barn door. She was running and jumping up and down the entire barn. A beautiful light red heifer. Healthy and happy. While admiring this good looking pair, another cow went into labor and delivered a 102 pound bouncing baby boy. The weather was perfect to deliver calves in: cold & breezy. No humidity and no bugs. Cows are one of the hardest working Moms on the face of the earth. Now that these cows have calved, they will be moved to a field of new green grass with the rest of the cows and calves. A winter of quality hay, spring fed water and careful attention has contributed to the health of these moms and their calves. There are several more cows waiting to calve. For me, calving is the BEST time of year~!!

A Calf New Born
Its nice to go into the field, and find a calf new born,
They come along at any time, day or night or early morn,
Pains of birth alert the cow, find a nice quiet spot to lay,
Pushing hard till it appears, it's over in a day.

Within an hour it's licked and polished, up and had some milk,
Then off to find a place to hide, its coat as smooth as silk,
A bog of nettles, stalky grass, or just some rushes in a tuft
Keep its head down have a sleep, predators its out bluffed.

With plenty milk and summer sun, it plays and grows as well,
Mother gets fed up with it, but knows it's hers by smell,
At summer's end it's parted from, its mother needs a rest,
Life of growing, getting fat, for meat, correct you've guessed.

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