Monday, May 11, 2009

Welcome to Beaver Basin

Near my new favorite fishing area is a secluded spot, hidden from view that is guarded by a very special beaver. He is not afraid of humans and stays close to the rare visitor who hikes into his area. I got the most amazing photos of this extra large and elder male beaver. His vast deposits of chewed branches and limbs are everywhere the eye looks. Very visable until the trees leaf out and hide his winter and spring snacks. There is an abundance of wildlife around and in his special water area. To my surprise, there is an eagle nest with an eagle sitting on an egg. Another adult eagle has been hunting in the area every afternoon. There may be two pairs in that immediate area as it got very busy with eagles flying around one late afternoon and I lost count of all the "white heads" I saw.
This rare daytime beaver marks his territory carefully and consistantly with huge scent mounds, 3 feet high and higher in some areas as a warning to other beavers that this is his HIS domain. His pristine pond is hidden and only the very motivated would ever find it. His secret is safe with me.

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