Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twin Salads

I walked out to the big field the twins were in yesterday morning and spent time patting them and sitting with them. They are both focused on grazing the plentiful green grass and following the bees that fly by. Like true twin sisters, they are always together. They groom each other, butt heads with each other and nap side by side. They have hundreds of acres to explore, yet they remain close to each other at all times. Occasionally their mom, Wilma, ambles over to give them both a bath. The three of them spent a good amount of time licking each other and head butting during this maternal bath giving. Wilma was able to give both girls a good cleaning and a good nutritious lunch at the same time. I am amazed how the twins have grown and are the same size as their peers. It took a small army of people to bottle feed them every day, 7 days a week, until their moms milk finally dropped. Now they are out in the "big" world enjoying the lush spring grass, the crystal clear water and the fresh air of Vermont. PLUS they have their customized creep feeder and all the milk they could ever want. Lucky girls.

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