Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vermont Barn Tour ~ Part 2

There are weather alerts for 3 New England states right now, Vermont included.  Big winds, bad lightning, possible tornados and 1 inch hail. The wind is picking up a little and my dog is sitting in the bathroom in anticipation of the world ending....

I did my road work early and hurried home.

A few more photos of this mornings buildings and critters before the storm gets here, OK ?.

Another slate roof on this barn that someone turned into a cute cottage.

                                                            A very sweet little place.

Built in the last 30 years, but already falling apart.  Too many frost heaves on this mountain tears the foundations up real bad.

For dinner a few moments ago, I had a Jalapino cheese sandwich, with lettuce, Miracle Whip, and fresh picked rasberries, on toasted wheat bread.  It was just heavenly!!  Try it.

I drove by this normal looking barn... and then had to back all the way up becuase I thought
I  "saw somethin" unusual.

I did.  Click on the photo to make it bigger and look at the whimsical art work of the clever farmer.
Not all red barns are alike......

Some beautiful milk weed.   Important stuff for butterflys, bees and those really pretty yellow birds...what are their names ?

                                                                  Porch Cat....

Haunted House with a very cool design. The 2nd floor windows open like an accordian to a little walk-out on the covered porch.  Never saw this before.

Thats it for now. Hope you have all enjoyed your personal Vermont Unusual Barns & Buildings Tour.


  1. I love that house. When I'm a ghost I want to live there. You have the coolest building. Good luck with the hail tornado wind weather. Hope you and all yours are safe.

  2. I saw on the weather channel that you were having horrible weather. I hope you came through okay!