Friday, August 19, 2011

Cowdog Mavis......

Every morning I move the herd to a new field.     I bring Mavis to "help" me.

This morning most of the calves watched as Mavis and I walked up the road.

As we walked across the field the calves "focused" on the familiar little black dog.

Instead of Mavis helping me move the herd to the new field, the calves starting playing a game of "Lets chase Mavis."

And chase her they did.

All the way out of the field.

Being the good, faithful companion that Mavis is, she made her way around the field and found me at the other end of it.   She sat and rested, satisfied that the calves were now on the "other" side of the electric fence in the new field.

Then she went home and took a long nap.           Good Girl, Mavis.


  1. Looks like Mavis earned that nap! :)

  2. The calves are really getting some size on them. They should be growing in such lucius pastures.