Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Meals On Wheels

My garden is a jungle full of incredible veggies and I am sharing them with the village.

Neighbors have been coming to get lettuce and I have been delivering colorful Swiss Chard to anyone who wants some.

The 11 foot Cup Plant is feeding many beautiful butterflys and bees, plus providing water for hummingbirds and finches.  What a fabulous plant!

I have a field full of 8 kinds of squash that will feed the town and my cows!  I hope the deer don't discover it first!

How are your gardens growing ?   Got anything unusual ?


  1. I was thinking about you today, wondering where you have been, hoping that you have just been busy. What are we growing? Badly diseased tomatoes. Not sure just what's wrong with them. Glad to see you still around and that your garden is thriving. Isn't it great to be able to share your harvest!

  2. I have Bloody Butcher sweet corn. It's an heirloom that my friend got from a historical reinacting group. Yes the kernals are red.

  3. I grow a LOT of chard, for the chickens. They also get bolted mescluns, spinach, etc. This year I grew comfrey for them, as the early leaves are very high in protein, and the plant has high calcium.

    Squashes just starting, as they went in late. Peas are gone, of course, and I've gotten beans.

    Harvested the onions yesterday, and many were far bigger than softballs. Some are going through the dehydrator to be powdered. Powdered onions, celery and peppers are wonderful on popcorn. "Salad" popcorn.

    I've gotten 8 artichokes so far, and there's 2 more for tonight, with many smaller buds coming.

    Leeks are ready to harvest too. Some will be dehydrated, some frozen, and some go into the sandbox in the root cellar.

  4. What is a "cup plant"? It's beautiful!