Sunday, August 28, 2011

Irene is 20 miles away

Its been raining hard for 17 hours now.

Flooding everywhere.

Now the rain is coming down so much harder than it has all day.  And the wind is here now.
Storm Trac says Irene is right down the road from us.    She will be over our heads in about 25 minutes.

I have been checking on the herd throughout the day.

Their field is getting soggy.

I was relieved to see that Guy had found his way back to the correct side of the fence. 

The herd came over to the fence to get some more giant squash.

I pray that we do not get the bad winds.

The flooding is very very very bad here already.

Worse yet.....
Several historic covered bridges have disappeared into flood waters.   Including my favorite fishing place in Bartonsville. The video of the huge bridge sliding into the raging river is heartbreaking to me.

I hope at sunrise we are all still standing and not swimming......



  1. I hope you & your family and your ladies and boys are doing allright!

    Praying for you and hoping the storm has passed and safe and sound

  2. Janis, I, too, hope your cattle come out safely after these terrible storms. After the winter you had, this is just too much!

  3. Here's praying that the rains stop soon and the flooding lessens.

  4. My goodness! Scary ! I hope all is well with you this morning

  5. We pretty much had the same thing with lots of rain and some flooding. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  6. Phila. had alot of flooding, but where we are, we've had worse after a thunderstorm! DS in Northern part of Vermont reports that he is well, but the water had destroyed so much...I remember standing at Queechee Gorge and also at places near Bennington and also at different places along the Winooski River and in Essex Junction. My prayers are for you and the folks and animals in your beautiful state. Vermonters are resourceful. But Mother Nature has not been kind to VT this year. I wish you well.