Sunday, August 7, 2011

Notes from The Field

My farmer friend has planted dozens of acres of sunflowers to make bio-fuel and cattle feed.

I love driving down the road to see all the sunflowers smiling at me.

My friends dog had 10 super smart Golden Retriever puppies.            

How many of you love love love puppy breath ?

I do.

Summer vines are taking over old barns and growing inside of broken windows.

My neighbors cows are always excited to see me..... but are camera shy....

There is a big, handsome, muscular bull dating my cows.

He can outrun me.

I stay on my side of the fence now.

First harvest of squash and mini pumpkins and got a ton more to pick and share.

Cooked one up and boy was it delicious!!!

Dear Mavis always seems to be out sized and out colored, no matter where she goes.....

And it IS true:  when one door slams in your face, another one kindly opens.


  1. Janis what great photos my favorite was all of them. Those pups are cute and all the dogs looking at the camera was priceless. Cheri

  2. Mavis is absolutely one of my favorite dogs! whoot!