Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre-Irene Preparations

Its been a marathon kind of day.  Trying to get every last detail accomplished before Irene comes barelling into Vermont.

I emptied the big porch of all the beautiful flowers and furniture.  I left the hummingbird and finch feeders up so the little ones can eat until the last possible moment.

Anticipating that my garden will be decimated from the winds and rain, I went to pick as many big green tomatoes as possible.  

I then looked at Dr Rowe's rare heritage beans hanging from the bean pole and knew I had to do something.....

Either I pick them or Irene will.

So I did.

They are such beautiful bean pods.

And they make beautiful beans too.

I picked some prematurely, but they are young and tender.  Perfect for suckatash.

While I was picking veggies I also checked on all the squash and found some real pretty ones under the giant vines and leaves.

I *think* these are Turk's Turban.

Very colorful!

I took a few last photos of my garden.

I know the winds and rain will roll off the mountains and do some serious damage in this tiny rural village.

I have checked off 79 things I had to get done before tonight and all but one has been accomplished.

Tomorrow morning the herd is being moved to the driest piece of field, the one with the best drainage, with trees on the outside of the fences and the strongest fencing on the farm.  They will be away from the giant powerlines, the barn, the equipment and the stream. Those are all the items we have determined that are dangerous in high winds and rain. 
There are predictions that we may get 8 inches of rain. I have rain trauma...
Last Fall, after 4 days of unrelenting rain, the culvert in the pond above the cow field burst and caused massive damage to roads.  The raging river started a mudslide and pushed a house right off its foundation.  The house has been condemmed and the road is STILL being repaired.

So I do not want my cows anywhere near that stream.

Today they were still grazing, totally unaware of what is going to happen.

Gwen is in a very good mood.

She is the current "date of the day" of the bull.

Being with the herd, even for an hour, really helps to keep me calm, focused and happy.

I hope that every thing in the path of Irene stays safe.



  1. Oh dear. You, along with some of my relatives, will be on my prayer list as Irene passes over. Perhaps her power will fade. You had a pretty rough winter, now this. Be safe, friend.

  2. I don't know how many things were on our list, but my guess is 50. We got all but 3 done, plus there are 13 roosters in refrigerator camp.

    At 7 AM the driveway is underwater. I think the heavy rain started about 4 AM, but rain had been falling since 4 PM on Saturday.

    No wind yet, but it's not really seriously due until 2 PM today. Still saying 80 mph gusts.

    I left the taping of most windows on the house for today because it can be done from inside.

    The cows are in the front pasture, safest place. We weren't sure the barn was better and just didn't have the energy to move them.